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Our Philosophy

The Country Village Day School mission is to be an excellent early childhood education program providing quality care for children ages six weeks through Pre-K. Our goal is to consistently embody the qualities found in a loving home–a caring, nurturing, safe and educational atmosphere.

We promote learning through the use of age appropriate educational methods and materials. Our goal is to prepare each child for elementary education and personal growth through a healthy and stimulating environment.

Our teachers and staff are our most valued and important assets. We strive to attract and retain only the highest caliber of staff dedicated to fulfilling our mission. We encourage and support their ongoing professional development and growth.

The school was founded on the belief that our children are the future. Through our loving, play- centered learning programs, we build in our children a strong sense of self-esteem, respect for all peoples and the environment, communities, our nation, and our world.

About our Wonderful School

Country Village Day School is a loving, child centered preschool that offers developmentally appropriate activities centered around play. We firmly believe in the importance of children enjoying childhood and our preschool curriculum is designed to encourage children to learn about themselves and the world in a nonthreatening/nonjudgmental setting. The classrooms are arranged in aesthetically pleasing learning centers that include areas to discover art, language, dramatic play, science, fine motor and gross motor skills and concepts.  Lessons and activities are planned in thematic units and intended to build knowledge cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.  The classroom is a place to explore and exercise the mind and body and foster creativity, original thought, problem solving and self help skills along with self esteem.

It is the intention of our program to develop well-rounded, socially and emotionally stable children.  We strive to meet the developmental needs of each child in our program.  Our staff are qualified and prepared to modify curriculum to accommodate any area that a child may require extra attention.


Dear Prospective Parents,

The decision of where to start your child's education is an important one that deserves the utmost consideration.  It is imperative to find a program that is the right fit for your child and  your family; one that meets the principles important to you.

We We are truly proud of the program we offer young children at Country Village Day School.  The environment we strive to create mimics the elements found in a loving home.  Each staff member is picked to model and teach the ideals and skills that facilitate children in becoming well-adjusted, competent and confident individuals.  Our program aims at challenging and encouraging each child to be the best they can be.  We feel that raising a child in today's society is often a team effort between parents and educators.  We enjoy working collaboratively with families to meet the needs of each unique child. 

Our sincere thanks for your interest in our Early Childhood Program





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Proudly Serving: Mercer Island, the East Side & Seattle

Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Certifications: NAEYC Accredited, Licensed through the State of Washington Department of Early Learning





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