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Our Philosophy

The Country Village Day School mission is to be an excellent early childhood education program providing quality care for children ages six weeks through Pre-K. Our goal is to consistently embody the qualities found in a loving home–a caring, nurturing, safe and educational atmosphere.

We promote learning through the use of age appropriate educational methods and materials. Our goal is to prepare each child for elementary education and personal growth through a healthy and stimulating environment.

Our teachers and staff are our most valued and important assets. We strive to attract and retain only the highest caliber of staff dedicated to fulfilling our mission. We encourage and support their ongoing professional development and growth.

The school was founded on the belief that our children are the future. Through our loving, play- centered learning programs, we build in our children a strong sense of self-esteem, respect for all peoples and the environment, communities, our nation, and our world.

Parent Information

Room Parents & Our Staff
Each classroom will have a Room Parent(s) that will act as a liaison between teacher, parents, and directors in coordinating school events. Room Parents will periodically meet with teachers and directors for communication purposes. The time commitment will not be excessive, but it will be a vital position to facilitate parent involvement at Country Village. It is our policy to provide an educationally stimulating, nurturing environment for your children. Look around the classrooms and appreciate the work the children have created and the things they are learning. We are certain that the impression you will receive is of dedication in creating the best possible learning/nurturing environment for your child.

Non Discrimination Policy                             

Country Village Day School will not participate in practices that discriminate against children by denying services, giving special advantages, or excluding them from programs or activities on the basis of their sex, race, national origin, religious beliefs, medical condition, disability or the marital status/family structure, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or other affiliations of their families.